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Calendar 2019 ZODIACUS

13-page untraditionally designed wall calendar A3.
The calendar displays the individual signs of the zodiac.

10 €

10% of the sale of the calendar travels to the support of the daily and weekly stationary, social therapy and relief services for people with disabilities Center Kociánka workplace Březejc

Large format(A3) calendar consists of thirteen colourful pages and it distinguishes from the mainstream by few aspects:

  • First of all the calendar is composed of signs of the zodiac based on underwater photographies. In other words the calendar starts with the sign of capricorn (21.12.2018) and finishes with the sign of sagittarius (21.12.2019). In each single picture there is a naked model in combination with a long coloured scarf figured into the certain sign of the zodiac. Every single picture was taken under the water surface.
  • Colours of the scarfs represent certain season of the year – spring is green, summer turns yellow, autumn looks red and winter is characterized by blue.
  • There are marks of summer and winter solstice, spring and autumn equinox, full moon and new moon as well.